3D Gait Analysis Report Generated
using Carecam’s Technology

Revolutionizing Motion Analysis: Unveiling Seamless 3D Gait Technology for Science-Driven and Human-Centered Insights.

Our company's 3D gait technology employs advanced AI and algorithms to meticulously capture and analyze human motion in three dimensions. The user-friendly interface ensures accessibility, making complex motion analysis both accurate and straightforward for professionals across various disciplines.
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The future of stroke and heart disease screening is smaller than an envelope

Our 3D gait technology offers a non-invasive and comprehensive analysis of an individual's gait patterns by providing precise biomechanical assessments. For stroke and heart patients, the technology aids in assessing and monitoring asymmetries, irregularities, compensatory movements, and other early indicators of cardiovascular health during walking. This innovative approach promotes a holistic understanding of patient health in the context of both stroke recovery and cardiovascular well-being.
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